Emotiva XPA Gen3 multi-kanals effektforstærker
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Emotiva XPA Gen3 multi-kanals effektforstærker

Emotiva XPA-7 Gen3 Effektforstærker Emotiva XPA Gen3 Effektforstærker Emotiva XPA-7 Gen3 Effektforstærker åben top
Emotiva XPA-7 Gen3 Effektforstærker tilslutninger

Modulopbygget effektforstærkere med masser af muskler. XPA Generation3 fås i varianter med 2-11 kanaler og leverer op til 300W pr. kanal i 8 Ohm RMS.

Vælg variant for leveringstid og pris...
Emotiva XPA multikanals effektforstærkeren er lidt af en bedrift, en vanvittig solid og moderne modul opbygget effektforstærker, der vil få et hvert hjemmebiograf højttalersystem til at yde sit absolutte yderste. Forstærkermodulerne er opbygget i højeste kvalitet med kort signalvej og processorstyret Soft-Switch™ klasse H design.

XPA Forstærkeren er bygget op omkring en uhyggelig kraftigt switchmode strømforsyning, som kan levere op til 3kW (3000 Watt), nok til at hive f.eks. 7x 200W forstærker effekt i 8 Ohm ud af forstærkermodulerne. Dette vel og mærke med ALLE kanaler drevet af gangen, ikke kun 1 eller 2 samtidige kanaler, som de fleste producenter oftest kun oplyser.
- Læs mere om forstærkeren og strømforsyningen i producentens beskrivelse nedenfor.

Komplet modul opbygget design og mulighed for op til hele 14 kanaler!

XPA effektforstærkeren er komplet modul-opbygget og vil senere blive supleret med andre forstærker moduler, bla. et stereo modul på 2x 80W i 8 Ohm, så det er muligt at komme helt op på en 14 kanals effektforstærker i samme kabinet. Forstærkeren kan derved konfigureres efter behov, f.ek.s med 3 kraftige mono moduler til front- og centerkanal, samt op til 4 stereo moduler, for at drive et komplet 11 kanals 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos eller DTS-X højttalersystem.

Opbygning eller opgradering af eksisterende XPA forstærkere foretages på AV-Connections værksted i Sønderborg.

Emotiva XPA Gen3 specifikationer:

• RMS Udgangseffekt med alle kanaler i brug (20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD < 0.1%):
- XPA Two: 2x 300W, 8 Ohm / 2x 490W, 4 Ohm
- XPA Three: 3x 275W, 8 Ohm
- XPA Four: 4x 260W, 8 Ohm
- XPA Five: 5x 250W, 8 Ohm
- XPA Six: 6x 225W, 8 Ohm
- XPA Seven: 7x 200W, 8 Ohm
- XPA Nine: 5x 300W pr. kanal 4x 80W pr. kanal, 8 Ohm
- XPA Eleven: 3 x 300W pr. kanal 8x 80W pr. kanal, 8 Ohm

• Power Bandwidth (at rated power; 8 Ohm load): 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+ / - 0.1 dB).
• Broad Band Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 80 kHz (+ 0 / - 0.15 dB).
• THD + noise: < 0.005%; at 100 watts RMS; 1 kHz; 8 Ohms
• Signal støjforhold (ved 8 Ohms belastning): > 117 dB ved FTC rated power (ubalanceret indgang, A-weighted) eller > 91 dB ved 1 watt (unbalanceret indgang, A-weighted)
• Dæmpningsfaktor (ved 8 Ohms belastning) > 500
• Indgang følsomhed (ved 8 Ohms belastning): 1,5 V
• Gain: 29 dB
• Lydindgange: Ubalanceret (RCA) og Balanceret (XLR)
• 12V Trigger ind- og udgang
• Dimmensioner (HxBxD): 153 x 432 x 419 mm.
• Vægt: 16,2 - 24,1 Kg.

Hometheaterhifi.com reviews the XPA Gen3 Amp

"This amp delivered the goods power-wise but also impressed with a balanced, detailed sound." - Jim Clements, Co-Editor

Producentens beskrivelse

XPA Overview
The XPA-7 Gen3 is the seven-channel version of our latest generation of modular audiophile power amplifiers. The XPA-7 Gen3 offers excellent technical performance, and an exceptionally accurate and dynamic rendition of all types of music, which makes it the ideal choice to power a great sounding 7.1 channel home theater or surround sound music system. Another option is to use an XPA-7 Gen3 to power a superb 5.1 channel surround sound system with bi-amped front main speakers. The XPA-7 Gen3 delivers 200 Watts RMS x 7 into 8 Ohms with all channels driven (and 300 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms or 490 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms with two channels driven).

A new approach to amplifier design.
When we set out to make the new X Series line, we analyzed everything in every amplifier we've ever made, from front to back, inside, and out. In doing so, we discovered several areas where our years of experience, and advances in audio technology, indicated that we could make significant improvements in our amplifier designs. After carefully weighing all the pros and cons, we kept the best features of our original designs, added a new set of optimizations and improvements, and the result became the foundation of our new line of audiophile amplifiers. The XPA Gen 3 is a whole new ballgame.

The new XPA Series amplifiers are fully modular and configurable at the time you order them. You can choose any configuration you want, from two to seven channels. All configurations are built on the same chassis, sharing one very robust power supply. If your needs change in the future, you can easily have more channels added. No need to get rid of a perfectly good two channel amplifier when you want to move up to surround sound. Why should you have to buy another amplifier when you're perfectly happy with your current one, but you need a few more channels?

More power, Scotty!
In amplifier design, everything starts and ends with power. Sure, the sound quality is critical, and that's where the amplifier circuitry comes in, but, if you don't have your power supply right, the best amplifier design in the world can't save you.

The new XPA Series utilizes a high-current switch mode power supply. It's a power supply capable of delivering over 3Kw of continuous power with absolute reliability and extremely high efficiency. It shares the dynamic attributes of a classic transformer-based design with none of the downside. It's lightweight, intelligent, and extremely powerful!

Massive old school transformers and giant filter capacitors are rendered obsolete. They just can't compete. It's a revolution in power design, and it's the backbone of the new XPA modular amplifier system. It's the way of the future, and it's here now.

Let's talk amplifiers
The XPA Gen 3 modular amplifier series uses the same core circuit topology as our legendary XPR series amplifiers. A unique differential input stage, with a cross-linked current source, drives a balanced VAS stage. The advanced input stage is tied to a fully complementary output stage and delivers a holistic, natural, and powerful listening experience. Low-level musical details and dialogue emerge from a deep black background. Its wide bandwidth, low distortion performance reveals every nuance of your high- resolution sources. The XPA amplifiers will drive difficult loudspeakers with absolute authority and control, and will keep their cool while doing so.

Our highly regarded Soft-Switch™ Class H power supply topology increases the efficiency of the new XPA amplifiers without compromising the audio performance you'd expect from an Emotiva amplifier. At lower power levels, the amplifiers operate on a lower supply voltage to minimize quiescent power consumption and standby power losses. When the amplifier control circuitry detects a fast rising input signal that will exceed the lower power voltage, it instantly switches to a higher voltage rail to ensure that the signal can pass cleanly without clipping. This process happens on a continuous basis, in real time, and it allows much greater overall efficiency than previous designs. In actual operation, the XPA amplifiers are cool running, which contributes to much longer component life, reduced power consumption, and increased reliability.

All of the benefits of a classic Class AB design without the wasted heat, weight, and power of a conventional fixed rail design - Cool.

Real Power. Really.
You can't even begin to compare the power capabilities of most existing AV receivers to the massive power capacity of our new XPA Series amplifiers. Even many "high-end" power amplifiers are rated with only a single channel, or sometimes with just two channels driven. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up. Maybe they come up with up with some marketing-driven "burst" power standard that exaggerates their performance. Or their marketing guys say hey, "instead of using an 8-ohm rating, let's do it at 6 ohms; that'll make a bigger power number!" Genius? Nope.

Emotiva XPA Series amplifiers are always rated with all channels driven -continuously - into 8 ohms. Period. (We do give you some of those other ratings as well, so you can compare our performance to that of our "competitors" on their terms.) Just ask many of our competitors to see their "all channels driven" power ratings and watch the dance begin… what should that tell you?

The bottom line is that our new XPA Gen3 amplifiers will deliver the full power and majesty of today's high definition movie and music sources without a hint of strain, loss of detail, or control. We're talking about real-world power and fidelity that you can immediately hear and appreciate. No excuses, no compromises, and no double-talk.

The Heart of Your System
Our new XPA Gen3 amplifiers aren't just about power and impact. Behind the massive power supplies are audiophile-grade amplifier modules, built using premium components. We use the finest materials and the latest technologies to bring you world-class products. They are carefully engineered and designed to work together as stunningly capable, reliable, and refined systems. We listened both to you, and our gear, and we like what we hear.

Best of all, when it's time to upgrade or your needs change, the XPA Series Modular Amplifier System is easily reconfigured to meet you needs. What? No planned obsolescence?

Heresy. That's what some will say. We say, sit back and have a listen.

Are you starting to see a trend?
- Here's another: Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the U.S.A.

• True audiophile-quality sound - as with all of our amplifiers, the XPA Gen3 modular power amplifier was designed first and foremost to sound superb in all types of audio systems.
• Amazing sounding wideband, low distortion amplifier design - ensures smooth, detailed sound and incredibly natural imaging - without a trace of harshness or strain.
• Optimized Soft-Switch Class H™ power supply topology - delivers improved efficiency without compromising audio performance.
• Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) - offers all of the performance of a traditional linear power supply, while improving efficiency and reliability, and reducing overall weight.
• Fully modular construction - allows you to purchase as many channels as you need today, and then add more channels later when and if you need them.
• Top quality parts and construction throughout - promise years of reliable service.
• Totally stable - designed for use in the real world, with real speakers.
• Heavy steel 4RU chassis with milled aluminum faceplate - provide strength and rugged good looks.
• Gold plated five-way speaker binding posts with clear shields - allow you to use a wide range of speaker cables with bare wires, lugs, or banana plugs.
• Solid machined gold-plated RCA input connectors - provide a reliable connection with a wide variety of audio interconnects.
• Choice of balanced or unbalanced inputs - independently controlled by high-reliability metal toggle switches to ensure long service life.
• Remote trigger input and output - allows the XPA Gen3 to be turned on by trigger-enabled equipment, and to activate other trigger-enabled equipment.
• Audiophile-grade fault protection - entirely transparent under normal conditions, yet protects the amp and your other equipment from all common fault conditions.
• World compliant AC line voltage operation - the XPA Gen3 operates on any line voltage between 100 VAC and 250 VAC 50/60Hz and is protected from faults by a rugged resettable circuit breaker.
• Standard IEC power inlet - fits all standard and audiophile IEC power cables.
• Full five-year warranty - ensures that you'll be able to enjoy your XPA Gen3 amplifier for years to come.

Modular Construction
The XPA Gen3 modular power amplifier is comprised of a heavy-duty chassis, which houses the oversized power supply, and up to seven amplifier modules. The XPA Gen3 can be purchased with anywhere between two and seven amplifier modules installed, and additional amplifier modules may be installed as more channels of amplification are needed (up to a maximum of seven modules). The front panel display and protection system are designed to work with the maximum number of channels, and so need not be updated when the XPA Gen3 is expanded; on the rear panel, slots not occupied by amplifier modules will be covered with protective cover panels.

Note: To ensure that additional amplifier channels are installed properly, and function to our specifications, additional amplifier modules must be installed by Emotiva, or by your local authorized Emotiva service representative.

A Word About Power Ratings
Music is, by its nature, dynamic. While it's relatively common for the two main channels in a stereo amplifier to be asked to simultaneously deliver high power levels, it is very uncommon for more than two channels to be called upon to deliver high power continuously at the same time, and this almost never occurs outside of laboratory test conditions.

In order to deliver the most dynamic performance where it counts - with real music - we have designed the XPA Gen3 modular power amplifier with a single immense power supply, which is able to deliver massive power continuously to any two channels, and to deliver huge amounts of power dynamically to any number of channels when and if called upon to do so.

The power ratings for the XPA Gen3 modular power amplifier are the same with both channels driven continuously in the two-channel version of the amplifier, and for ANY TWO CHANNELS DRIVEN CONTINUOUSLY in the versions of the XPA Gen3 configured with three, four, five, six, or even seven output channels.

Circuit Topology
A fully modular audio power amplifier with a high-efficiency switch mode power supply (SMPS), independent, fully discrete, dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B amplifier modules, Optimized Class H™ power supply topology, and microprocessor-controlled fault protection.

Power Output
ALL MODELS: Power Output Per Channel:
• 300 watts RMS per channel; 20 Hz - 20 kHz; THD < 0.1%; into 8 Ohms
• 550 watts RMS per channel; 20 Hz - 20 kHz; THD < 0.2%; into 4 Ohms
• 800 watts RMS per channel; 20 Hz - 20 kHz; THD < 0.5%; into 2 Ohms

ALL MODELS: FTC Rated Power; 2 Channels Driven; 20 Hz - 20 kHz; THD <0.1%
• 300 watts RMS per channel; THD < 0.1%; into 8 Ohms (120 VAC line).
• 490 watts RMS per channel; THD < 0.1%; into 4 Ohms (120 VAC line).

XPA Gen3 Power Per Channel: All Channels Driven; THD <0.1% ; into 8 ohms
• Two: 300 watts RMS per channel
• Three: 275 watts RMS per channel
• Four: 260 watts RMS per channel
• Five: 250 watts RMS per channel
• Six: 225 watts RMS per channel
• Seven: 200 watts RMS per channel

• Power Bandwidth (at rated power; 8 Ohm load): 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+ / - 0.1 dB).
• Broad Band Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 80 kHz (+ 0 / - 0.15 dB).
• THD + noise: < 0.005%; at 100 watts RMS; 1 kHz; 8 Ohms
• Signal to Noise Ratio (8 Ohm load):
> 117 dB; ref FTC rated power; unbalanced input (A-weighted).
> 91 dB; ref 1 watt; unbalanced input (A-weighted).
• Minimum Recommended Load Impedance: 4 Ohms; which equals one 4 Ohm load or two paralleled 8 Ohm loads.
• Damping Factor (8 Ohm load) > 500.
• Speaker Output Connections: Audiophile grade, gold plated, 5-way binding posts.
• Power Supply: High efficiency, audiophile grade, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS).
• Input Sensitivity (for rated power; 8Ohm load): 1.5 V.
• Gain: 29 dB.
• Input Connections: Unbalanced (RCA); balanced (XLR); one each per channel, independently selectable.
• Input Impedance: 33 kohms (balanced), 23.5 kohms (unbalanced)
• Trigger Input: 5 - 12 V (AC or DC); <10 mA input current required.
• Trigger Output: 12 VDC; can drive any load up to 120 mA.
• Power Requirements: Between 100 VAC and 250 VAC @ 50 / 60 Hz (automatically detected).
• Front Panel Controls and Indicators: Standby; push button (halo ring changes color to indicate Standby or On).
• Status LEDs; one per channel; blue.
• Status LEDs change to red to indicate a fault condition.

Rear Panel Controls
• AC Power switch; rocker switch (switches AC main power).
• Status LEDs switch; disables front panel Status LEDs and dims Standby button halo.
• Input selector switches (one per channel); metal toggle switches; select between balanced and unbalanced inputs.
• Circuit Breaker; press button to reset circuit breaker.

• Protection: The XPA Gen3 is protected against excessive operating temperature, shorted speaker connections, ground faults, and other common fault conditions.

• Unboxed; including feet (WxHxD): 43,2 x 20,3 x 48,3 cm.
• Unboxed: without feet (WxHxD): 43,2 x 17,8 x 48,3 cm.
• Boxed (WxHxD): 62,3 x 30,5 x 62,9 cm.

Weight (unboxed):
• XPA two Gen3: 16,1 kg.
• XPA three Gen3: 17,7 kg.
• XPA four Gen3: 19,3 kg.
• XPA five Gen3: 20,9 kg.
• XPA six Gen3: 22,5 kg.
• XPA seven Gen3: 24,1 kg.
• XPA nine Gen3: 24,1 kg.
• XPA eleven Gen3: 24,1 kg.
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Emotiva XPA-7 - Bad ass Award
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Emotiva XPA Gen3 2-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA2-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 2-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 10.799,00 DKK)
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Emotiva XPA Gen3 3-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA3-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 3-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 13.557,00 DKK)
11.999,00 DKK 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 4-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA4-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 4-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 15.717,00 DKK)
13.999,00 DKK 
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1x EM-XPA3-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 3-kanals effektforstærker, sort 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 5-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA5-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 5-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 18.355,00 DKK)
15.999,00 DKK 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 6-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA6-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 6-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 19.717,00 DKK)
17.999,00 DKK 
Varenummer 'EM-XPA6-B' består af følgende del-komponenter: 
1x EM-XPAAB-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 forstærker modul, 1 kanal, sort 
1x EM-XPAABM-B: Emotiva XPA forstærker modul montering (ekskl. modul), inkl. forstærker returfragt i DK 
1x EM-XPA5-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 5-kanals effektforstærker, sort 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 7-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA7-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 7-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 22.399,00 DKK)
19.999,00 DKK 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 9-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA9-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 9-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 22.116,00 DKK)
19.999,00 DKK 
Emotiva XPA Gen3 11-kanals effektforstærker, sort EM-XPA11-B: Emotiva XPA Gen3 11-kanals effektforstærker, sort (Vejl. pris: 22.399,00 DKK)
19.999,00 DKK 

Producent beskrivelse - Emotiva

Emotiva Som så mange andre foretagender startede Emotiva ud fra problemstillingen: "Det må kunne gøres bedre" efterfulgt af spørgsmålet: "Kan vi gøre det bedre?". Grundlægger Dan Laufman var blevet desillusioneret af high-end branchen, som så en svindende tilknytning blandt forbrugere, ikke mindst på grund af stigende priser, der kunne synes svære at retfærdiggøre.

Resultatet af denne selvforstærkende udvikling var at kunderne gik på kompromis med lydkvalitet, og valgte at tage sig til tåls med billigere pakkeløsninger. Med en baggrund som lydingeniør og en dybfølt kærlighed til musik og klassiske Hi-Fi mærker, samlede Dan sit team og gik i gang.
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