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D-ILA® Projector Panel Technology

Structure of D-ILA

The D-ILA® (Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology that JVC has developed is based on an innovation in microchip design that permits the viewer to enjoy the full range of benefits from any high quality source whether from a video deck or a computer device. For true HDTV performance, the D-ILA® technology packs 2048 x 1536 pixels -a total of 3.2 million pixels- on a single 1.3" chip. This makes possible display of HD images at full-spec resolution of 1920 x 1080 -with room to spare.

The D-ILA®'s innovative CMOS design is the key to reproducing all the details in a high-definition picture. By placing the matrix addressing switches and electronics right behind (not between) the light-modulating liquid crystal layer, JVC has created a D-ILA® chip with a "3-dimensional" layout. The result is a 93% fill factor and virtual elimination of the annoying "grid" or "screen door effect" so evident in other fixed matrix display technologies.

What is the end result? Images as smooth and natural as film with impeccable reproduction of all the details and information contained in the original source. What supports this high picture quality is high brightness, high resolution, high contrast and analog gradation. High brightness and high resolution are achieved using a reflective device with a high aperture ratio and high-density pixels, providing real resolution with invisible pixels. High contrast is achieved using vertical alignment liquid crystals of normally black operation and a high-precision optical system. Analog gradation makes it possible to reproduce dark areas with high S/N (signal-to-noise ratio) because the D-ILA® device has an S-shape response. In combination with the high-speed response of the vertical alignment liquid crystal, JVC's D-ILA® technology makes it possible to reproduce smooth, noiseless motion pictures with clear, sharp high definition and film-like picture quality.

Comparison between conventional prjectors and D-ILA projectors

The secret behind the exquisite, film-like picture quality with 15,000 - 20,000:1 native contrast ratio lies in the innovative D-ILA® device technology, the optical engine and the fact the JVC DLA-HD1 or DreamBee projector does not rely on iris control. Conventional front projectors use an iris control to boost contrast ratio. With such projectors, picture resolution may be excellent, but the picture lacks good contrast. Here you can see the difference between a conventional projector with iris control and JVC DLA-HD1 or DreamBee.

Newly developed 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA device

Conventional D-ILA® devices suffer from surface unevenness, minute gaps and irregularities that are unavoidable using normal semiconductor manufacturing processes. Discontinuities between individual pixel cells or where the pixel cells are connected with the underlying semiconductor structure disturb the orientation of the liquid crystals, and the resulting diffraction and other effects lead to stray light. In the manufacture of this newly developed device, technology has been adopted to ensure extreme planarization; this reduces to an absolute minimum such stray light.
Moreover, as a result of employing new liquid crystal materials and orientation technologies, the gap between pixel cells has been optimised, reducing it from the previous 3.2 microns to 2.3 microns, cutting light loss from the liquid crystal layer itself, and significantly improving compensation accuracy. Such new technologies have realized the extremely high device contrast ratio of 20,000:1, and at the same time halved response time from 8msec (Tr+Td) to 4msec.

Professional-standard greyscale performance

JVC original D-ILA® pulse drive produces clear, high-precision gradations without employing error diffusion. High-precision calibration technology enables the faithful reproduction of dark pictures, in which luminance is 10% or less, so that the blacks can still be differentiated, thus resulting in pictures with appreciable texture.

New optical engine with wire-grid polarizers

Using a conventional PBS (Polarizing Beam Splitter), comprised of a glass prism with multilayer interference film, optical properties can vary considerably depending on the angle of the incident light beam; this makes it difficult to realise high contrast.
However, the wire grid design employed for JVC newly developed optical engine uses an inorganic reflective polarizing plate made from a glass substrate on the surface of which are ultra-fine aluminium ribs. This reduces to an absolute minimum the amount of stray light reaching the lens. The combination of this polarizer with the newly developed D-ILA® device increases contrast by a factor of 5.


GF9351 video processor from Gennum Corporation

The GF9351 video processor made by Gennum Corporation ensures the faithful reproduction of high-quality images thanks to a high-precision scaling function and four VXP™ technologies -- FineEdge™, FidelityEngine™, TruMotionHD and RealityExpansion™.

Four VXP™ Technologies:

  • FineEdge™
    Edge correction technology that gets rid of the jaggy artifacts that can affect diagonal lines, creating instead smooth outlines.
  • FidelityEngine™
    Imaging technology that improves detail while reducing noise. This technology ensures a clear, detailed picture even when using video sources with lower resolutions.
  • TruMotionHD™
    De-interlacing technology that supports HD signals (1080i), converting them to high-quality 1080p signals for playback.
  • RealityExpansion™
    10-bit image processing technology. This technology can upsample 4:2:2 (Y:Cb:Cr) video signals to the 4:4:4 format; it delivers outstanding image processing at a level comparable to that of broadcast masters.

* VXP and Visual Excellence Processing are trademarks of Gennum Corporation.


- How does LCos / D-ILA / SXRD and Reflective LCD works

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